Amsterdam Cafe is a warm and cozy neighborhood cafe that has been serving the great NoHo district for the past decade. Along with a variety of hot and cold beverages and a selection of delicious food options, Amsterdam Cafe provides exceptional hookah in a great environment.Whether you are in the mood for coffee and hookah or a nice dinner, Amsterdam Cafe prides itself on the ability to cater to anyone.

The ambiance that is created at Amsterdam Cafe is unparalleled. From comfortable couches and pillows to candles and music, you can fully relax and enjoy the atmosphere with friends and family. Whether you want to enjoy some coffee with a friend or celebrate a birthday, Amsterdam Cafe provides the perfect seating arrangement for any party or occasion.

Located in the heart of North Hollywood Arts district, Amsterdam Cafe celebrates local talent by hosting venues such as stand up comedy shows to film shoots. New up comers and seasoned artists can take advantage of Amsterdam’s versatility and convenience . With a full stage and professional light/sound, Amsterdam Cafe is the perfect place to witness a little piece of Hollywood.


Aside from being hip and trendy, Amsterdam Cafe provides free internet and premier seating for anyone who needs a place to conduct business or just browse through social media. With a growing presence in the online world, Amsterdam Cafe is constantly growing and updating to keep up with current trends.

Hookah!! The heart and soul of Amsterdam Cafe. With countless premium flavors to choose from and the finest equipment on the market, each hookah is exceptionally made to order. Select any flavor or combination and enjoy the full rich taste which satisfies every time.

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